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Our centre is located at Whitebridge just south of Newcastle at the junction of Dudley and Bullsgarden roads and housed in the Uniting Church building. 

It is our guiding principle that we offer a path to wellness for all who seek it. 

We are all individual, and because of this our paths to wellness may take many different routes depending upon our health, interests and abilities.

Our centre aims to meet those varied needs by providing a program of events and therapies that are helpful, informative, enjoyable and satisfying.

Our Available Spaces  &  Hire Rates

Large Room

Size:  13m x 7.9m

$25 for one hour
$60 for 2.5 hours
$80 half day
$160 full day (8 hrs)

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Small Room

Size:  7.1m x 4.4m

$18 for one hour

$30 for 2.5 hours

$40 half day (4 hrs)

$80 full day (8 hrs)

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Presentation and Kitchen facilities are available

The whole building can be hired for large events if required, depending on availability.  Prices on application.

Contact David on 0434 535 444 or email for enquiries and bookings

Check our location here.

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