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We welcome you and invite you to join us in worship or one of the many activities of our congregation, as we come to know God's love for us, and share this love with each other and our community.

Charlestown & Garden Suburb Uniting Church is a member of the sponsoring committee of the HUNTER COMMUNITY  ALLIANCE

OUR VISION - is to be radical disciples of Jesus.

We are committed to practices that best reveal the love of God to us, and to the world through us.


Remember to check our news sheet, "Contact" for details of what's happening this week!

Worship Online
Welcome to the live streamed worship service of 28 May 2023, Pentecost. In today's worship service, we participate in a Lectio Divina as we make ourselves available to the Spirit of God.  Our text is the story of the first Pentecost in Acts 2: 1-21.  May you hear God speak into your life today.

Worship Online
Welcome to the live streamed worship service of 21 May 2023, Easter 7. Jesus may be our personal Saviour, but God is much bigger than that! In joining with the Cosmic Christ we are part of God's work in the entire universe.

Worship Online
Welcome to the live streamed worship service of 14 May 2023, Easter 6. The message today is based on 1 Peter 3:13-22.  We are encouraged to be ready with an accounting of the hope that is within us, and to be ready to share that account with humility and love.

Worship Online
Welcome to the live streamed worship service of 7 May 2023, Easter 5. The theme of today's service is "Called to be Living Stones".  You are invited to hold a small stone in your hand, to feel it's texture and weight, and consider Christ as the cornerstone of your life.

"Neos" Mission


"Neos" is the Greek word for new.  The Charlestown and Garden Suburb is setting out in a new mission into our community to discover where God is at work, form relationships, and see how our resources can assist in the growth of God's Kingdom. 

The mission is based on the work of Karina Kreminski in Surry Hill, NSW.  Karina was featured on an episode of ABC's Compass program a few years ago.  The show can be viewed here.

We have added a "Neos Blog" to our webpage so you can keep up to date with what we are discovering.  Check it out here.

Facility Hire

Each of our buildings is available for hire on an ongoing or occasional basis.

There is a variety of spaces to suit a diverse range of activities and functions.

Charlestown Site - 24 Milson St

More information here

Garden Suburb Site - 158 Marshall St

More information here



What is Spiritual Direction?

The practice of being with people as they attempt to deepen their relationship with the divine, or to learn and grow in their own personal spirituality.

How could Spiritual Direction help me?

Perhaps you have a feeling of being adrift in life and desire to experience greater meaning and direction.  Spiritual Directions sessions may be helpful in providing space for you to tell your story in order to explore meaning in every area of your life.

​​How do I find out more?

Check this website, or contact Rev Tom Stuart by phone on 0427625502, or by email.

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